Virgin Mobile Fair Go Plan 59 BYO

Virgin Mobile
SIM Only
SIM Only
 Total Price
$49 per month
for use within Australia
Cost of a 2 minute standard national mobile call (incl. flagfall): $2.38
within Australia
Cost of 1MB of data within Australia (excess usage): $0.21
 Estimated Minutes
588 per month
WhistleOut estimate is based on average call length of 2 minutes, 0 SMS and 0 MMS per month*
 Fine Print
Depending on your usage, other fees and charges may apply, including early exit fees.
Coverage is provided by Optus. The Optus 4G Network is available in selected areas. Check coverage at With 3G devices and a compatible plan, you are able to access our 3G (2100Mhz/900Mhz) Network. With 4G devices and a compatible plan, you are able to access our entire 3G Network and 4G 1800Mhz Network. For detailed coverage maps see
Min. Total Cost: $49
for first month

Plan Details

Key Points


  •  Free minutes on same network to any number on network (Unlimited Virgin to Virgin Calls and Text Messages within Australia)
  •  Voicemail included in usage allowance (Free Voicemail in Australia)
  •  International voice calls included in the usage allowance (You can make international calls as part of the monthly included value allowance)
  •  Video calls included in the included value (only available on phones that support video calls)
  •  Rollover - Any unused credits at the end of the month will rollover into the next month
  •  13 / 1300 numbers included in usage allowance
  •  Able to BYO phone
Unlimited Standard SMS

This plan includes unlimited standard SMS messages to any mobile phone in Australia. SMS must originate in Oz & exclude all calls / texts to non-standard (225 BAL, satellite, premium, & international) numbers, VMA customer service, satellite phones and commercial use. Fair Use Policy applies. Standard charges apply for non-included call and messaging types.

Save $10 - BYO Phone

The pricing for this plan includes the $10 monthly credit received for bringing your own handset. 

Unlimited Calls - Virgin Mobile to Virgin Mobile within Australia

You can make unlimited calls and send unlimited text messages within Australia to your friends on Virgin Mobile, anytime of day (a 'fair use' policy applies).

Rollover Credit

Virgin Mobile now lets you rollover your unused calls and texts each month into the next month's credit. For example if you have of $100 calls each month in your plan, and you use only $50 worth, you can use the other $50 in the next month giving you $150 for the next month. The credit that is rolled over is only available for one month, so you can't keep rolling credit for ever. Virgin Mobile will just rolll your unused credit straight over for you.

Included Calls

The following calls and call types are included as part of the monthly usage allowance in the Fair Go plan (included value):

  • Standard voice calls (local, national, mobile)
  • International calls (made from within Australia)
  • Standard SMS in Australia to other mobiles (per text up to 160 characters)
  • Standard international SMS (per text up to 160 characters)
  • Standard MMS in Australia (Photos)
  • Free voicemail within Australia
  • Unlimited calls and text to other Virgin Mobile members
  • 13 / 1300 numbers in Australia
Not Included

The following call types are not included in your monthly included value amount:

  • Special Numbers
  • Calls to Virgin Mobile Team (25c per call)
  • 18 & 1800 Numbers 16.5c/30 secs (billed per 30 sec) + 20c Call Connection
  • 124RED Directory 49c/30 secs (billed per 30 sec) + 99c Call Connection
  • 333 Dialling Under the Influence (25c)

View the Virgin Mobile Terms & Conditions


Rates (for use within Australia) Cost
Standard flagfall $0.40 per call
Standard national voice call rate $0.99 per minute
Standard national text messages (SMS) $0.00 each
Standard national multimedia messages (MMS) $0.60 each
Standard video flagfall $0.40 per call
Standard national video call rate $0.99 per minute
Excess data rate $0.21 per MB

Data Packs

Description Cost Data Excess Contract
$5 per month $5 per month 500MB $0.052 per MB Monthly
$10 per month $10 per month 1GB $0.052 per MB Monthly
$20 per month $20 per month 2GB $0.052 per MB Monthly
$30 per month $30 per month 3GB $0.052 per MB Monthly

Full Cost Breakdown

Description Upfront Monthly Comparison Total
(Projected over 24 months*)
 Plan Fair Go Plan 59 BYO - $49.00 $1,176.00
 Data 3GB within Australia (included) - - -
Grand Total $0.00 $49.00 $1,176.00
* Contract term is monthly - this total represents the estimated cost if you stayed for 24 months.

More about Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile Australia was launched in October 2000 and became a a wholly owned subsiduary of Optus in 2006. They employ over 600 people and have over 600,000 customers in Australia. Virgin Mobile services operate on the Optus network and they continue to maintain a cheeky, fun and fair attitude.

Virgin Mobile offer a range of competitive mobile phones and mobile plans and are a popular carrier on our site.

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